Friday, April 20, 2018

Your Orthotic Insoles

When you first take delivery of your custom made orthotic insoles, you will find a leaflet entitled ‘Getting Used to Your Orthotic Insoles’ enclosed with them. It is very important that you read this leaflet through thoroughly BEFORE you start to wear the orthotic devices, as it contains vital information to ensure that they fit you correctly and therefore give you maximum benefit with minimum side effects. However, should you lose this leaflet, all of the information contained within it is available below and in the linked to pages.


When inserting your custom built orthotic  insoles into your shoes, feed the front of the insole in first until it reaches to end of the shoe and then push the heel of the orthotic down into the heel of the shoe. If the insole is too long, the front of the top cover can be trimmed back to fit. If you have any queries about whether this process is necessary, please contact a member of the Sure team.

When you first wear your orthotics you will experience a significant difference in how your shoes feel. Your orthotic prescription is designed to realign your posture and change the way that your body functions, resulting in a change in which muscles are being used and/or an increase in work   performed by some of your muscles. Because of this, ONLY WEAR YOUR ORTHOTICS FOR AN HOUR ON THE FIRST DAY and increase your wear time gradually by an extra hour each day.

Aches and muscle fatigue can be common in the early stages of wear. If you develop mild muscular aching do not increase the duration of wear until your body adapts and the aches cease. Should these symptoms persist, or if you begin to experience more serious discomfort stop wearing your orthotics immediately and contact a member of the Sure team. 


Mrs. D. Mundy

I am so grateful to you. I stuck a small pad under the place you indicated I would need it with amazingly immediate relief. Of course it is only a very temporary measure but it just proves that you are right. I look forward to receiving my orthotic insoles!

Mr. C. Goodall

I've been treated by many different people with many different techniques, but with your insoles my back is now more mobile and less painful than it has been in over 20 years!

I owe you a pint or two.

Mr. P. Blennerhassett

I'm delighted with the results in terms of pain relief and ability to walk freely again! After suffering terrible heel pain for a considerable time they have made a new man out of me. I'm so pleased that I've ordered 2 extra pairs to save moving them around all the time!

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