Friday, April 20, 2018

Checking your orthotics

Your orthotics have been designed with the function of your skeletal framework in mind. This does not tend to alter much over time, unless you suffer an injury or significantly change your general day to day physical activities.  If your symptoms are reduced and do not return, then your orthotics are likely to be performing well. However if in the future, having worn your orthotics for a while, you notice any changes then it may be time for a review.

You can contact Sure Clinic to arrange this appointment and we are of course very happy to see you for a check up.

Mrs. D. Mundy

I am so grateful to you. I stuck a small pad under the place you indicated I would need it with amazingly immediate relief. Of course it is only a very temporary measure but it just proves that you are right. I look forward to receiving my orthotic insoles!

Mr. C. Goodall

I've been treated by many different people with many different techniques, but with your insoles my back is now more mobile and less painful than it has been in over 20 years!

I owe you a pint or two.

Mr. P. Blennerhassett

I'm delighted with the results in terms of pain relief and ability to walk freely again! After suffering terrible heel pain for a considerable time they have made a new man out of me. I'm so pleased that I've ordered 2 extra pairs to save moving them around all the time!

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