We Love a Good Poke

We Love a Good Poke

around your pinkies

Hand Crafted

Hand Crafted

Orthotics created in our lab

Biomechanics Experts

Sure Clinic is a specialist biomechanics company, dedicated to alleviating joint and muscular pain through the analysis of underlying biomechanical issues.

We have broad of services and treatments available click here to learn more.

Our Custom Orthotics

We manufacture bespoke orthotic insoles from the highest quality medical grade materials.  We supply both our own customers directly, and the clients of other practitioners that use our manufacturing services.


Welcome to Sure Clinic, your first step towards a healthier body.


Check out the event calendar to see where the team will be visiting next. Book in to see us at our next show.

Home Visits

No matter where you are in the UK, we offer a home visit service.  We will come to you for your treatments and assessments.

Podiatry Care

We also provide routine foot care either at your home or at one of our clinics (north west area). Common foot complaints we treat include.

Pain and Injuries

Muscle or joint pain can be caused by incorrect skeletal alignment and/or poor gait (walking pattern) leading to various symptoms. If you experience any of these symptoms , we can help.

Precision Orthotics

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of bespoke orthotic insoles. These expertly made devices can potentially help anybody, regardless of age or lifestyle.

Pain and Injuries

Optimise your performance and reduce your risk of developing any sports related injuries.  Sports that involve running and cycling can particularly benefit from our expertise.


About us - Sure Clinic

Sure Clinc specialises in treating joint and muscular pain that is related to gait and posture. We provide biomechanical/posture assessments and also manufacture custom orthotic insoles.

  • Staff are trained to degree level or higher in the fields of Biomechanics and Podiatry
  • Accessible nationwide
  • Very competetive pricing compared to the UK average
  • Expert manufacturers of custom orthotics for both individuals and practitioners.

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Address: Sure Clinic,260 Stone Road,Trentham, Stoke on Trent. ST4 8NJ
Phone: 01782 499725


What we do

The Sure mobile clinic attends a wide range of both indoor and outdoor events up and down the UK throughout the year.  Here, we provide a specialist podiatry/biomechanics service to anyone who may feel they need our help.  The assessment at the mobile clinic is just as detailed as an assessment at a practice clinic and involves a combination of pelvic level and body centre of mass analysis, gait analysis, pressure plate foot mapping and kinetic video analysis.


  • Step 1 - A short history taking of your symptoms before we perform some simple tests to find out why you may be experiencing the pain, and whether any of our treatments may help you.
  • Step 2 - If we can help then we take you through a full assessment which may take anywhere between 20 -40 minutes during which more detailed measurements are taken.
  • Step 3 - We then provide the treatment usually consisting of a personalised strength and conditioning program and or custom made insoles (orthotics) with your specification built into them to correct any lower limb or postural problems you may have.  The orthotics are shipped onto you after they have been manufactured at our lab on the Staffordshire Cheshire border

At certain shows we do get very busy and you may have to wait to see us. To avoid this, you can book your free initial consultation at a show by completing the form to the right of this page. We may also be able to provide you with complimentary tickets to the event if you are a current or potential orthotics customer.

Mrs. D. Mundy

I am so grateful to you. I stuck a small pad under the place you indicated I would need it with amazingly immediate relief. Of course it is only a very temporary measure but it just proves that you are right. I look forward to receiving my orthotic insoles!

Mr. C. Goodall

I've been treated by many different people with many different techniques, but with your insoles my back is now more mobile and less painful than it has been in over 20 years!

I owe you a pint or two.

Mr. P. Blennerhassett

I'm delighted with the results in terms of pain relief and ability to walk freely again! After suffering terrible heel pain for a considerable time they have made a new man out of me. I'm so pleased that I've ordered 2 extra pairs to save moving them around all the time!

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